About Us

The Golden Retriever is the most versatile of all breeds. They are very devoted to the family as well as being extraordinary in the hunt or obedience training and agility. They are strong and powerfully built but posses a gentle and affectionate disposition and a superior intelligence. Goldens are gentle, patient and will tolerate the roughhousing of small children. They are exceptionally quick to learn and obey the rules of the house. In recent years Goldens have become a popular breed used as Seeing Eye Dogs for the Blind, narcotics and bomb detection dogs, and especially for search and rescue. They are as beautiful as they are smart with a full lustrous coat, which only requires regular brushing with no trimming. When you add all of these together, it is easy to see why the Goldens have won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

Here at Goldenway Goldens we strive to breed and show only the highest quality AKC registered Golden Retrievers. Our aim is to keep the Golden as true to standard as possible while doing our best to improve the health and well being of the breed. We breed for temperament as well as health keeping the Golden as it should be a lovable, intelligent and healthy dog. Our puppies make wonderful pets as well as  great conformation, obedience and agility dogs. All our dogs are evaluated by Cornell University Radiology Department and OFA (hip and elbow). CERF (eye) and SAS (heart) cleared. We have been breeding quality dogs for 30 years. All our dogs and puppies are raised in our home we do not have them in kennels. They are valued members of our extended families and sleep in our beds. You are always welcome to visit us and meet our Golden family. We strongly urge you to visit the places you are interested in getting your puppy from.


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