All of our dogs and puppies are raised in our home. We absolutely have no kennels. We urge you to go and visit the place of purchase of your new puppy to make sure it is up to your standards.


CH. Shamanoff's Gold-Rush Dusty/ Shamanoff's Scotch Manhattan)

Amber was the foundation bitch of Goldenway and Slygo Goldens. She was a true golden. Amber has gone to the bridge at a ripe old age of 14 but will always be remembered in her offspring.


Slygo's Dusty Dawn

(CH. Gold-Rush True Gold / Shamanoff's Dusty Amber Dawn)

Dusty followed in her mothers footsteps, she was the epitome of the Golden Retriever. She was the most   intelligent, gentle and the best companion you could have asked for. Dusty has gone to the bridge on 7/18/05. She was just 2 months shy of 15. She was my heart dog and I will miss her terribly. I feel very blessed to have had her with us for this long.

Bye Dust-meister see you at the bridge.


Goldenway's Hunters Glen

(Wynlen's Nat'rl Selection X Slygo's Dusty Dawn)

Hunter was not only beautiful but she is was an exceptionally gentle and lovable girl. She has her Canine Good Citizen and she is registered with Therapy Dogs International.

It is extremely difficult to lose a great companion and friend and especially this young. Hunter has gone to the bridge at the age of 8. She has fought a battle with a very rare cancer and it took her way too soon. She is truly missed.



(Heatherhill's Movie Classic X Heatherhills Bay Breeze)

Storm finished his Canadian Championship at 1 year old going Best of Breed and a Group 2, and finished his American Championship with a four point major in Greenville, Mississippi. He also has his Canine Good Citizen and is registered with Therapy Dog International.

He started the R.E.A.D. Program helping young children gain their confidence. He was extremely affectionate and a wonderful companion. He never left my side and I miss him everyday I called him my velcro Boy.

He passed at the ripe old age of 13 1/2 and was at  stud to special golden girls and produced amazing puppies.


Goldenway's Surprise Party

( CH.Goldenbear's American Flyer II X Slygo Dusty Dawn)

Cheyenne like her mother and grandmother was truly an affectionate and intelligent girl. She was busy having her own puppies who have made many people very happy golden owners.



(CH.Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder / CH. Goldenbear's Cancun Swoon )

River was an energetic, intelligent lovable clown .He is clean coming and going and has a beautiful side gait. He finished his Canadian Championship with back to back 5 point majors and a sporting group one. His first points in the states were back to back Best of Breeds over the specials, a group 3 and a group 4. He finished his American Championship with back to back majors.

River is in the Show Dog Hall Of Fame and was shown exclusively by Brian Livingston.

He passed at 13 1/2 and we couldn't have asked for a nicer,sweeter boy. He was at Stud to special Golden Girls.



(Heatherhill's Movie Classic X Heatherhill's Bay Breeze)

Windy is Storm's littermate and best buddy. Like Storm, Windy had a great personality and made a wonderful brood Bitch. She finished her Canadian Chamionship in a four show weekend. She is pointed in the States and took Best Of Winners in her first show. She has had three beautiful litters. Windy also passed at 13 1/2,she couldn't live without her brother Storm.


Arcticsong's Goldenway To Go

(AM/CAN.CH. Heatherhill's River Wild X Goldenways Surprise Party)


In her spare time,Meg taught puppy kindergarten and is registered with Therapy Dog International. She was the epitome of the golden retriever temperament. Along with Spicy, Meg has charmed the kids at in the Pediatric Unit at Jersey Shore Hospital.


Goldenway's Little Bit O' Spice

AM/CAN.CH. Heatherhill's Fire And Ice X Can Ch.Wynlens Spice Of Goldenway

Sage is a bubbly, sweet, energetic dog. She is eager to please and has a great drive. She is Mom to many gorgeous, smart and gentle puppies and the Matriarch now of Goldenway Goldens. My heart dog forever .Sage crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 1/14/2016. She was 13 1/3.Fly High my sweet girl. 


Goldenway's As Good As It Gets

(AM/CAN.CH Heatherhills Fire and Ice X Goldenways Hunters Glen)

Jax has the typical golden retriever temperament. He took first in his class in his very first show. He was a great and beautiful and very lovable boy .


Spirit - Shilo's Full Of It

(CH. Faera's Starlight X Shilo's Bet On It )

Spirit was the companion to her best peep and was a training dog for her as a junior handler. She is a gentle soul and you couldn't ask for a better tempered dog. She will be missed by many.



(Heatherhill's Ghost Ryder X CAN.CH. Heatherhill's Windsong Sonata)

Nicky finished his Canadian Championship at 2 years old with a Best of Breed over the specials and a Group Two. He was an energetic and very affectionate boy.  He was the best Stud dog. He loved life and had a great one . Nicky passed at 14 years old.



(AM CH. Goldenbears American Flyer ll X Goldenways Wynlen's Mairead)

Spice is a Canadian Champion and finished her title in four days of shows. She is registered with Therapy Dog International. She was a wonderful Brood Bitch. She passed at age 15 and loved life to the fullest. You could always find Spicy along with Meg charming the kids in the Pediatric Unit at Jersey Shore Hospital and giving the kids a good hug. Spicy lived a nice long life at 14 years old.


Goldenway's On The Road Again

(AM/CAN CH Heatherhills Fire and Ice X Goldenways Hunters Glen)

Willie started out on a very promising Obiedience , agility and tracking career. He loved the field work. He already has  a CD and and RN and was the best tracking dog.  He was truly a clown from day one and charmed all who met him.


Wynlen Slygo's Dream Of Goldenway

(AM CH Goldenbear's American Flyer II X Goldenways Wynlen's Mairead

Dreamer and Spicy are littermates and both had outstanding temperaments and produced the most amazing puppies. She left us too soon.


Goldenway's "Friend" Of Goldspring

(CAN CH Goldenway's Good As It Gets X CAN. CH Wynlen's Spice Of Goldenway

Phoebe is a daughter of Spicy and following in her footsteps to be a great brood bitch. Her daughter Tori is starting her agility career shortly.



Pennylane's Yakee Skipper

(AM/CAN CH Goldenway's Lucky Penny X AM CH..Goodtime's Best Case Scenario)

Torre has been taking first in her class at every show she has been entered in. We are looking for a wonderful show career. She has a beautiful flowing movement and is well put together. Torre and Jeter are littermates and hopefully will finish quickly.



(AM/CAN CH Summit Goldenwaind High Caliber X Goldenwind's Peach Of A Storm)

Cash had completed his Canadian Championship at a very young age. His exemplory temperament made him an outstanding Stud Dog. His son and daughter are following in his footsteps.




Goldenway's Down Under

AM/CAN CH Heatherhill's Fire And Ice X Miss Molly of Lower Heidleberg

Sydney has produced the most beautiful well tempered puppies and is a wonderful Brood Bitch.Noelle and Sophie were her get and also followed in her footsteps as a great brood bitch.



AM /CAN CH. Heatherhill's Fire And Ice X Goldlove's Runaway To Goldspring

Phoenix is being groomed to step into his fathers footsteps and become a Grand Champion and a wonderful Stud Dog. He finished first in his class at his first show and won BEST PUPPY.

He has beautiful reach and drive and is clean coming and going. He has a beautiful side gait just like his Dad. He finished his UKC Championship in three shows and is Canadian pointed. He took a Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed a Group One and Best In Show in the July 2006 shows. He was at Stud For Special Golden Girls but retired now and enjoying his life as a great companion dog.


Goldenway's Sandy Beaches

CH Summit Goldenwind High Caliber X Slygo's Colors Of The Wind Simply Irresistable

Sandy is not only smart but has a typical outstanding golden temperament. She is obedience trained and very athletic. She has a wonderful temperament and is making an outstanding Mom.


Goldenway's Slygo's Rio Grande

AM/CAN CH Heatherhill's River Wild X Wynde Hills Simply Irresistable

Rio is busy growing up like Phoenix and getting ready for his show career. He is eagerly waiting for his time to shine. He is Canadian pointed and hopefully he will follow in his Dad's footsteps to the Show Dog Hall Of Fame. Rio also took first in all four shows. He is now at Stud to Special Golden Girls.


CH Goldenway's Veritas Waves Of Grain,TDI

AM/CAN CH Heatherhill's Fire & Ice X Shilo's Full Of It

Amber has the sweet temperament of Dad and Mom and Dads beautiful movement. She has a gorgeous side gait and she is clean coming and going. She as well as Rio and Phoenix took her class in her first shows. She has finished her UKC Championship in July 07.


Goldenway's The First Noel

CAN CH Shilo's Fullo Y'r Dreams 2 Picabo X Goldenway's Down Under

Noelle is out of Sydney's First litter. She took 1st in her class at her very first show. She is happy and ready to go. She has a beautiful movement and a beautiful side gait.  She  also produced beautiful puppies and like her sister  Sophie was a great brood bitch.


Goldenway's Blitzen

CAN CH Shilo's Fullo Y'r Dreams 2 Picabo X Goldenway's Down Under

Blitzen is a littermate to both Noelle and Sophie, all three from the Christmas litter, Sydney's first litter. Sophie, Noelle and Blitzen are starting out what we hope to be a promising show career. Blitzen has mastered her obedience commands and will be starting on agility this spring.


Goldenway's Joy To The World

CanCh Shilo's Fullo Y're Dreams To Picabo X Goldenway's Down Under

Sophie is from the Christmas Litter along with Noelle and Blitzen. She was an outstanding Brood Bitch and produced beautiful all around puppies including our Shiloh-GCH CanCH UKC CH Goldenway's Caramel Chew Chew SDHF MBISS. She was also the star of the Animal Planet show TOO CUTE PUPPIES.


shane manasquan1.jpg


UKC CH Goldenway's Bombay Sapphire

Sage X Klaus

Goldenways Little Bit Of Spice X Klaus V.D. Beerse Hoeve

Zeke is out of Sage's "Cocktail Litter". He is turning out to be a beautiful well mannered boy. We have very high hopes for him. He finished his UKC Championship with a two Best Of Breeds and a Group 1 and a Group 2. He was at stud for special golden girls and now just enjoying life and the best puppy sitter. He is a mush and everyone that sees him loves him.


Goldenway's Shaken Not Stirred

Sage X Klaus

Goldenways Little Bit Of Spice X Klaus V.D. Beerse Hoeve

Harry is a happy well put together dog.He is from Sage's "Cocktail Litter" and a brother to Zeke. He has a typical Golden temperament. He is registered with Therapy Dogs International. He has been a proven stud dog and has produced gorgeous puppies. He was at stud for special golden girls but retired now.


Goldenway's Best Kept Secret

Cash X Phoebe

Can CH Goldenwind's For The Luv Of Money X Goldenway's Friend Of Goldspring

Torre is a wonderful example of the Golden Retriever Temperament. Loves everyone and everything.She was an outstanding Mom to many beautiful litters.


Drew Wood Goldenway's Foxy Roxy

Casey X Hubbs

Drew Woods Casey At The Bat X Klaasems Hubba Hubba Hubba

Roxy is our new show stopper. We want to thank Connie MacIntosh for entrusting this beautiful girl to us. She will make you proud. Roxy is Mom to many many gorgeous show puppies and is now retired and teaching her baby Scarlett how to be a show dog.


Goldenway's The One And Only

Tommy X Sage

Ch Cloverdale's Tommy Bahama X Goldenways Little Bit O Spice

We are excited to have such a beautiful girl to show. She did not like the show ring so she was retired early. She passed way to young of hemangiosarcoma and will be missed.


Goldenway's Go Big Blue


Goldenway's Sandy Beaches X CH Goldenway's Fire In The Sky

Tiki is started out on a promising show careerbut decided that being a Mom was much more to her liking. She went on to have several beautiful litters. She also passed way to young and left behind a beautiful legacy of daughter and granddaughter.


Goldenway's Mocha Latte

UCH Goldenway's Bombay Sapphire X Goldenway's Sandy Beaches.


Mocha was just retired from her Mommy Career . Now She will just be Mommy to her daughter Marley who will be following in her footsteps.



Goldenway's Moon Over Miami

Goldenway's Foxy Roxy X Gemini's Chance To Xcel

Willow was an excellent Mom to many beautiful puppies. Unfortunately we lost her way too soon from a spay gone wrong. She will live on in her pups.


DrewWoods Foxy Roxy X Goldenway’s Fire In The Sky

Jilly is retired from having puppies but she is busy growing up Morgan.

Jilly beans.JPG